Apartments & Dwellings (Habitational Programs)

Our WORLDS APART commercial residential habitational program is for apartments with 11-25,000+ rental units per policy on a BOP. Our program for apartments provides unique coverage options and flexible solutions for all of your client's needs. (See our Community Association section if you are looking for a habitational program for condos.)

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Coverage for interior damage from wind driven rain - Stand out from the competition.

Attractive Apts

We provide habitational programs for professionally managed properties:

- Apartment Buildings (11+ units)
- Single & Multi-Family Dwellings (11 or more rental units)
- Converted Housing
- Student Housing
- Independent Living Senior Housing
- Affordable/Tax Credit/Public Housing (We also can provide tax credit loss coverage! See below's link for details.)
- Mixed Apartment/Office & Apartment/Mercantile Lessors Risk Occupancies
- High rise
- Rebuilding Cost: no cap/dollar limit! Other loss settlement options too. See brochure for overview.

Deep discounts for smoke-free buildings!

States: AR, AZ, CO, IA, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, UT, VA, WA, WI

Discuss a risk now! (No producer agreement needed)


Tenant Emergency Assistance Endorsement
Tax Credit Loss Coverage for Affordable Housing!

Smoke-Free Discounts!

UNDERWRITING (Other guildelines apply, but these are the major knockouts):

Professional Property Management is key. 

- Any age building (with updates)
- 70% occupancy rate

- Annual leases for all tenants
- Mercantile/office exposures may be eligible - refer to underwriter
- ELECTRICAL: 100 AMP service per unit required, no fuses, no aluminum wiring, no knob & tube
- No space heaters or alternative means of heating
- No rooming houses
- Out of state owners need a management firm for maintenance
- No above ground swimming pools

Submitting Habitational Programs Applications