Commercial Habitational

Want something new and different to sell and retain your affordable housing habitational programs for apartments?

We have the ability to add on the special coverage detailed before for our habitational apartment program for commercial property. 

(Note that we also offer habitational programs for condos.)

Now you can protect your clients against the loss of tax credits!

You can offer this to all of your affordable housing commerical habitational properties...

Loss of tax credits are not covered under the standard definition of 'Business Income.'

This optional endorsement provides coverage* for the loss of:

• Low income tax credits or

• Recapture of historical rehabilitation tax credits.

*The loss must be due to a covered cause of loss.

For all of your affordable housing habitational commercial properties!

This coverage broadens Business Income and Extra Expense:

Many apartment owners who operate low income housing or rehabilitated historic buildings also receive significant tax credits.
If the units become uninhabitable, or if the building loses its historic designation, the owner may not be able to claim the loss of these tax credits. This creates a significant exposure to developers, owners, and investors of these properties.

Standard Business Income coverage settles losses before income taxes, creating a gap you can now fill for your client.
This business income broadening endorsement can separate you from the competition.